We operate within guiding frameworks to help us focus on our aims and ambitions as laid out in the various documents found here.

Our charter

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Press releases

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Our papers

our proposal 2015

July 2019 - 12 Ways to Make Life in London Better

Our beautiful 64 page 'Maker' paper launched at the National Park City Festival is full of examples of people showing what makes London a National Park City - the kind of activities people, communities, businesses and others are doing every day to make London greener, healthier, wilder. Read more over at Maker Paper.

July 2015 - Our Proposal

Read the original full July 2015 proposal for a Greater London National Park City:

Read the May 2017 update to the proposal, including details of the National Park City Foundation and a change to the political mandate required to make London a National Park City. 

Our positions

  • Black Lives Matter

    Our work as a social and health movement is about improving urban city life for everyone. 

    The evidence is that urban decay and poor city environments blight lives, and that disadvantaged people are affected the most, for example by breathing polluted air, poor access to quality green space, and often lacking the choices, means, support and resources to improve their lives.

    The National Park City Foundation stands against racism and supports Black Lives Matter.

    Our origins are in London, the world’s most racially diverse city, where we celebrate difference and diversity at our events, and where our network draws together people from very different backgrounds and experiences who make up the social fabric of the city, and work to make their city greener, healthier and wilder.

    [read our full statement ...]

  • Development and planning

    We want planning and development in London to be an opportunity to advance London as a National Park City. We believe London’s variety of green and open spaces should be protected, respected and improved and should not be the subject to pressures from development. Individually and as a network London’s green and open spaces provide enormous benefits to Londoners, visitors, to neighbourhoods and to wildlife alike
    [read our full statement...]

The National Park City Foundation

Please see our National Park City Foundation website.

Other supporting documents by external organisations

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