A growing selection of stories taken from news and blog pages about our campaign to make London a National Park City.




  • Grace & Thorn: London - The First National Park City (he's only just gone and done it!): The ethos is really about thinking of our cities as another landscape, rather than just a grey pile of pollution, capitalism and angry people in a hurry. The National Park City team are all for a bit of team effort, like joining or setting up your own gardening groups, helping people get back into the swing of things after setbacks through nature and horticultural projects ... But if you’re more of a solitary bee that’s fine too, it’s just about stuffing your window boxes with a bit of life and getting your arse out and into a park - they’ve got us this title now, we’d better prove we deserve it!!!
  • Royal Overseas League: Walking on the Wild Side of London: From a walker’s point of view, there were many places, especially on the LOOP, where there was no indication of being in an urban area, let alone the capital. This is to be expected, given the nature of urban planning, and many miles were in Green Belt and farmland.  A particular observation was how nice it was to see local parks being used – residents really value their open spaces.
  • Adventure.com, Oct 2017: Could London be the world's first National Park City? It's an idea that has got London's nature lovers salivating. Could London, one of the world's busiest metropolises, become a National Park City, and what does that mean exactly?
  • ZettelerLondon National Park City Map. Over 3,000 parks and open spaces, 147 nature reserves, 300 farms, four UNESCO World Heritage sites, 8.3 million trees, and thousands upon thousands of vegetables grown on no fewer than 673 allotments. It’s got all the makings of a bucolic daydream; some sort of idyllic county brimming with hay bales and wild strawberries. In fact, all of this is right on your doorstep. All of this can be found in London.

  • Richard Priestly, Dec 2017: London National Park City "It is an idea whose time is now. Its creation would be a major step in the long struggle to improve the living conditions of Londoners, and it would be a beacon for other cities to follow."
  • Ordnance Survey Blog, Oct 2017: Beautiful new map of London - created to celebrate the outdoors
  • The IUCN Blog, Oct 2017: National Park City Foundation Launched!  "....  The energy in the room was palpable ..."
  • CPRE - Campaign for Protection of Rural England, Aug 2017: National Park City: The way to a greener London? In his draft Environment Strategy published this month, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has followed up on his commitment to support the London ‘National Park City’ initiative.
  • Thomas Glen: London, A National Park City? (YouTube) While walking around the greenwich Ecology Park in north greenwich- London, I ponder the idea of London becoming an oasis for wildlife, under the title of "national park city".
  • Studio 31: Connecting People and the Outdoors. "When we design a park or a community space, we give people more useful, more accessible connection to nature and so when we think about the National Park City campaign, we’ve suddenly seen our work in a new light. Seen how in some small way through garden design or landscape architecture we can contribute something small to something bigger and perhaps more powerful than any urban city has seen before."
  • The Sod Show Garden PodcastBen Brace speaks about the vision behind National Park City. Ben, a Chartered Landscape Architect, fully qualified Horticulturist, Volunteer Tree Warden, balcony gardener and picking coordinator for Abundance London talks about his involvement in making London a National Park City. 
  • Wild City KitchenWhat If ... London was a National Park City? "... a community meeting, the night was a chance for campaigners to promote their causes, champion some blue-sky thinking and ultimately move the audience to action."
  • London Youth: What If ... London was a National Park City?  "...we'd smile more!"
  • The Curiosity ShopWhat If London became the first National Park City? "A glorious thought experiment. A big beautiful statement of intent."
  • Reflections on the Dew PondWhat If London became a National Park City? "What If? Just Imagine."
  • New Weather Institute, Andrew SimmsCelebrating Life on Earth: make London the first National Park City "We are the life we seek ‘out there’."
  • The John Muir TrustThe Making of a National Park City "London’s Royal Festival Hall played host not to a concert or a conference, but a community gathering. "
  • Richly EvocativeEscape to a Wilder City "The idea’s essential wrongness stemmed only from my pre-conceived view of how a National Park should look and feel."
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