Will you help us to launch your London National Park City?

In the spirit of the National Park City, we don’t want to just have one single and exclusive opening ceremony. Instead, we’re inviting anyone to organise a mini opening ceremony. We’re hoping there will be 100 or more across London.

You could:

  • open a tiny nature reserve in your garden
  • take some friends on a walk
  • organise a game of hide and seek
  • start a project to make a street greener
  • go for a swing
  • make some outdoor art
  • do a performance
  • go kayaking on the Thames, or
  • do something else that is inspired by the National Park City.

Mini Opening Ceremonies Happening Around London

Here are all the mini opening ceremonies that people like you have pledged to do so far. Why not add your own ceremony to this map. Just sign up to the Mini Opening Ceremony Quest in Make Life Better.

Add your own Mini Opening Ceremony

As a symbol of the opening, we’re suggesting at your ceremony that you ask everyone who attends, may be it 2 or 200 people to swap, share, gift or exchange some seeds, a plant or a cutting to plant. Everyone who attends could be given some wildflower seeds, an ivy cutting or something else to grow.    

To take part:

  1. Let us know that you are organising a ceremony so that we can put it on our map. We’ll then keep you updated too.
  2. Please try to organise your ceremony between May and August 2019. You could also hold ceremonies from September to 21 July 2020, the day before the anniversary of the launch if you’d like. You are welcome to organise more than one.
  3. The ceremony can be short or long, but it should recognise and celebrate something you are doing to contribute towards the London National Park City.
  4. It should be something that is inspired by or supports our aims to get more people enjoying themselves outdoors and to make our city greener, healthier and wilder.
  5. A ceremony could be attended by 1 or 1,000 people. It’s totally up to you.

Please do share your plans and event online and with as many people as you’d like to. Our hashtag is #NationalParkCity.

We will be sharing some posters and other things that you can use on this page in the near future. Register your opening ceremony and we’ll keep you updated.

Add your own Mini Opening Ceremony

Walk London’s Hidden Rivers to help launch London as a National Park City

Walk one of London’s hidden rivers on Saturday 1 June!

Mouth of the Walbrook

Walks along the course of the Fleet, Walbrook and Effra rivers will be led by experts. Have a great day out in London Rivers Week and find out more about London’s history and ecology. Places are limited so sign up now!

A London National Park City Foundation launch event for London Rivers Week 2019, in association with Thames21 and London Rivers Week. Also supported by the Museum of London’s Secret Rivers exhibition. 

London Rivers Week runs from Saturday 25 May – Sunday June 2nd.  For more details please see the Thames21 website. The week is organised by the London Rivers Restoration Group, a partnership of environmental organisations in London and includes the GLA, the Environment Agency, Green Corridor, London Wildlife Trust, Thames21, SERT, and the Thames Estuary Partnership.

Walk London’s Hidden Rivers: the Fleet

Book tickets for the Fleet walk

Walk London’s Hidden Rivers: the Walbrook

Book tickets for the Walbrook walk

Walk London’s Hidden Rivers: the Effra

Book tickets for the Effra walk

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