Anyone can be a National Park City Maker: Helping improve life in London by getting outdoors and making the city greener, healthier and wilder.

A National Park City Maker is someone...

Who cares - What if we all cared a little more for where we live, work and play?  We care for the things we love and love the things we care for.

Who is informed - “Why” is the question Makers ask themselves.  Knowledge is not power, it is only potential. Understanding issues within the bigger picture and identifying the best way forward is what makes a Maker.

Who is Connected -  Individual actions DO matter, but collectively, the difference we make and the benefits gained are multiplied by Maker groups.

Who is inspired and inspiring - Look around you and take note of what places feel like, the wildlife, your community, other communities, workplaces, activities and events. Seek inspiration for ideas or actions you could copy and share.

Who does stuff - If not me, then who? Makers don’t wait to be asked, they do, but do in an informed, safe and community spirited way with consent and support.


What do National Park City Makers Do?

  • Simply show your support for the National Park City while doing your thing
  • Get involved on your own, doing things as and when you can
  • Be notified about volunteering opportunities with different organisations
  • Set up or join a National Park City Makers group
  • Lead a project, event or campaign
  • Volunteer directly for us, to help with our events and campaigns


Three Steps to Being a National Park City Maker

Here is our simple three-step process to being a National Park City Maker:


Simply start by enjoying more of London’s great outdoors. Go for a walk, play football or climb a tree. Invite someone who may not have considered getting outdoors to join you, and you might already be helping to make life better in London.


Look around your building, street, neighbourhood, work or school. Notice good things, problems and opportunities. Ask “What If?” and imagine what it would look like or feel like if it was better.

“What if?” is a simple but powerful question. “What if London was a National Park City?” was the question that led to the successful campaign to make London the world’s first National Park City. At first just a few people were asking it, then so many asked “Why not?” we reached a tipping point and it’s become a reality. “What if?” can spark imaginations.

Asking What If can deliver change, with small achievements leading to bigger change. What if there was a large tubestyle map of the canal network on every bridge over London’s canals? Would more people canoe or paddle-board along the canals? Then, would the waters become better for kingfishers or otters? Might canals eventually become clean enough to swim in? Why not?

What if children got to spend more time outdoors? In fact, what if more of their lessons were outdoors and some of their maths lessons studied the patterns in nature? Would they notice nature more? Would they care more about their world? How might that improve their well-being and health? What kind of decisions would they take? What kind of makers, consumers, voters and leaders might they become now and in the future?

When enough people start asking “What If?” we dream, raise expectations, shift the conversation and can deliver change. Why not?

See our “What If?” section on pages 48 and 49 of our Maker Guide for some powerful examples posted by some of our Twitter followers.


Share your ideas of making life better with other people.

Find out if other people or groups are already working on the same thing. Set about making your vision a reality.

Personal stories move people and people can make the change they want to see happen.

Keep it positive. Keep it simple.

Create a Facebook Group or Twitter account. Share your ideas on social media using #NationalParkCity .

Then ... Maybe Create a Maker Group

Working together we can achieve so much more. 

It may just be your family wanting to brighten your home with more plants on the windowsill, neighbours wishing to work together to make their street more lush and green, colleagues at work keen to have more outdoor and walking meetings, a set of sports clubs based around a playing field, a group of schools wanting to do more outdoor learning, two local Friends of Parks groups who want to sign post a walking  route between the two parks.

It’s a small but important step from being a family of Makers brightening the windowsill with plants to becoming a Maker Group. National Park City Makers can join up into informal National Park City Maker Groups.


Find Out More


You can:

 maker green



Would you like to be a National Park City Champion?

Everyone can be a National Park City Maker, but if you wanted to get even more involved then why not become a Champion?

We want to reach as many people around London to let them know that London is becoming a National Park City, what that means, and what they can do to be involved.

We are challenging you to become a National Park City Champion. Champions will reach out to friends, groups, organisations and companies. To present to them National Park City and to explore the ideas with them, and then to take part and make their own difference.

Commit to give a small number of presentations per year, and you can join one of our FREE Champion Workshops and learn how to use story telling to explain the vision of London as a National Park City. To read more and book see our list of Workshops during the next few months.

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