Join our growing community of volunteer Rangers at London National Park City

The National Park City Foundation is looking for another 50 volunteer London National Park City Rangers to share their vision for a greener, healthier and wilder London. New year, new you? What if in 2021 you joined our community of Rangers who aim to make life better in London National Park City?

We’re looking for optimists, artists, rewilders, diversity champions, local guides, game-makers, sculptors, photographers, gardeners, writers, architects, teachers, storytellers, natural navigators, visionaries, fundraisers, mappers, innovators, tree planters, rescuers, expert guides, play street organisers, hedgehog hole makers, poets and people with other skills and talents to share with others. What you will do as a Ranger will vary according to your own skills, experience, interests and capacity.

As a Ranger, you’ll volunteer in your community and across the city to inspire and support others to make life better in the capital in whatever shape and form feels most right to you. You might do things to make the city greener, wilder and more beautiful, to tackle the climate crisis or to improve disadvantaged areas or people’s health and wellbeing, perhaps by inspiring people to create art or get outside to exercise and have fun.

You can scale an idea you are already working on, bring fresh ideas or simply bring your proactive energy to create something new with other Rangers or support them with their existing work. You might want to create an urban intervention that simply makes people smile or launch a tune inspired by the wonders of our city!

Being a Ranger is simply awesome! We saw an overwhelming response for our call for volunteers last January and after a successful first year, regardless of the challenges 2020 brought us, we’re now looking to recruit 50 additional people to join this thriving community. You can read more about our programme and who our current Rangers are here and check out our Rangers Video to meet some of our community. You can read below some thoughts from our current Rangers:

“I am thrilled to be a National Park City Ranger, and it is wonderful to meet so many like-minded people, all of whom I am learning from to make a greater difference for London biodiversity. This initiative gives me a lot of hope and positivity for London's ecological future, especially during these uncertain times, where we can make the most change on our very doorstep.” 

Kabir Kaul, Ranger in Hillingdon.

“I am very excited at being a Ranger in London National Park City. The Ranger Programme has not only helped make London a Greener, Healthier and Wilder place but it has helped create sprawling hives of interconnectivity between education, urban greening, growing your own and fighting climate change while enabling Rangers to interact directly. Project sites like the community gardens at Wood Green Library and the Westbury Banks Nature Reserve are prime examples of collaborative work and effective action between multiple Rangers”. 

Luke Newcombe, Ranger in Haringey and Founder of GrowN22 C.I.C

“I must confess, when I signed up to be a London NPC Ranger, I wasn't really sure what I was signing up for! I knew that I supported the ethos and aims of the movement and that it was an organisation that I wanted to get involved with but beyond that, I didn't really know too much. Being a Ranger has inspired me to take action on a personal, professional and wider community level. I have been inspired to embrace the aims of a greener, healthier and wilder London in every aspect of my life and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing any work towards this. As a geography teacher, much of my work as a Ranger has been through the promotion of the concept to students both at my own school and beyond. I have spoken at a couple of events about London NPC and hope to do any more in the future. If you're considering getting involved, my advice would be to do so!” 

Kate Stockings, Ranger in Camden

"Joining the Ranger community has empowered me to take my passion for nature to the next level. For years I've been fascinated by fungi and their interconnections with the wider ecosystem and human culture, but it's not always easy to find other people to connect with and learn from. So after becoming a Ranger, I launched the London Fungus Network, a project to connect people with the Urban Fungal Kingdom. Thanks to support from the Ranger coordinators and volunteers, we have brought together over 150 people for online talks and mushroom forays, with exciting plans for the year ahead - none of which would have been possible without the National Park City community."

Mike Green, Ranger in Waltham Forest

By joining this movement, you’ll join a community of inspiring and knowledgeable National Park City Rangers, have the space to create something new, get access to free training and learn new skills to influence and involve people. We’ll help you network online, in communities and through our London-wide supporter network. Moreover, we’ll provide you with a Rangers kit supplied by Timberland to wear at public events and meetings. Apart from time spent attending webinars and training that interests you, we hope that Rangers will contribute on average at least 8 active volunteering days each year.

Applications have now closed. A big thank you to all who applied. We will be in touch soon!

Applications will be open until midnight Sunday 7th March 2021. We will then review applications and select the new cohort of Rangers. You will be notified of the outcome of your application at the end of March. Following this, new Rangers will be inducted by the Ranger Programme Managers and will be asked to attend an induction day at the beginning of May.



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