London National Park City is a movement to improve life in London.

A Movement 

We are working with residents, visitors and partners to: 

  • Enjoy London’s great outdoors more
  • Make the city greener, healthier and wilder
  • Promote London’s identity as a National Park City

We want more bird song, ultimate frisbee, hill-rolling, tree climbing, cycling, hedgehogs, volunteering, sharing, outdoor play, kayaking, clean air, otters, greener streets, outdoor learning, ball games, outdoor art and hilltop dancing in the city. Why not?

Having successfully campaigned to make London the world's first National Park City in July 2019, the National Park City Foundation has been established to bring the idea to life.

We’re doing this by:

  • Leading inspiring campaigns
  • Growing our movement
  • Supporting and coordinating action

A Place you can Explore

As well as being a movement, the London National Park City is a place you can explore, a vision you can share and a community you can join. It’s a celebration of everything that has been done to make London’s landscape, ecology and culture enjoyable. It is a large-scale and long-term challenge to improve life in the city through many small and achievable actions.

A Community that you can Join

Individuals, families, groups and organisations can make their own contributions to the London National Park City’s aims, either formally or informally. The Mayor of London has committed to protecting and increasing green spaces and is providing funding to help with planting. You can contribute by simply making your part of the city a little wilder or enjoying a new part of the city’s great outdoors. The more people who do these things the better.

The National Park City Festival in July 2019 celebrated the huge variety of organisations and people who want to help make London a National Park City. Back in 2018 our first National Park City Fair had 26 speakers and 30 stands.

What a moment for London: a celebration of the biodiversity and greenness that the city holds, an acknowledgement of how vitally urban lives are bound up with - and enriched by - nature, and a vision for the future of how to deepen and improve our relations with the living world - for what is good for nature is also good for us all. - Robert Macfarlane

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