Let's make London greener, healthier and wilder

London is officially the world's first National Park City. A place to explore. A movement to join. A vision to share. Find out more and help make life better.


To celebrate the first anniversary of London becoming the World’s first National Park City, we are holding a special online event to showcase 100 people who are doing things to make our National Park City greener, healthier or wilder. Sign up to speak and/or sign up to listen.


A brand new network of 54 passionate people with a wide range of experiences and talents who will help make London healthier, greener and wilder

Viral London - haunting images record our lockdown

Photographer Paul Meyler has been on a mission to record the impact COVID-19 has had on central...

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What If.. the outdoor classroom is the ‘new norm’?

Campaigner Cath Prisk, our Schools Network lead, has been considering how schools can make far...

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Get On Your Bike and Ride!

The UK has been in lockdown this spring. Our worlds are far smaller than before.  It reminds me of being...

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What if... we had lots of schemes ready to launch as soon as we're through the coronavirus outbreak?

Just before the coronavirus hit, there were several projects about to launch after successful...

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Life in lockdown London

Staying safe by staying at home needn’t mean missing out on a daily dose of nature, says Paul de...

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Competition to share your vision of a post-coronavirus London

What if London National Park City was greener, healthier, wilder and more beautiful? What would it...

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More Positive

Staying safe by staying at home needn’t mean missing out on a daily dose of nature.

Now’s also a good time to start planning life after lockdown including how life in London can be greener, healthier and wilder.

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Get your own copy of our beautiful folded map of London's great outdoors. Free (+ postage & packing).

Explore Helen Ilus' unique Greenground Map where the ‘green lines’ represent the connections between parks that could be walked and cycled. 

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