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Will you help us to launch the London National Park City?

In the spirit of the National Park City, we don’t want to just have one single and exclusive opening ceremony. Instead, we’re inviting anyone to organise a mini opening ceremony. We’re hoping there will be 100 or more across London.

You could:

  • open a tiny nature reserve in your garden
  • take some friends on a walk
  • organise a game of hide and seek
  • start a project to make a street greener
  • go for a swing
  • make some outdoor art
  • do a performance
  • go kayaking on the Thames, or
  • do something else that is inspired by the National Park City.

Mini Opening Ceremonies Happening Around London

Here are all the mini opening ceremonies that people like you have pledged to do so far. Why not add your own ceremony to this map. Just sign up to the Mini Opening Ceremony Quest in Make Life Better.

Add your own Mini Opening Ceremony

As a symbol of the opening, we’re suggesting at your ceremony that you ask everyone who attends, may be it 2 or 200 people to swap, share, gift or exchange some seeds, a plant or a cutting to plant. Everyone who attends could be given some wildflower seeds, an ivy cutting or something else to grow.    

To take part:

  1. Let us know that you are organising a ceremony so that we can put it on our map. We’ll then keep you updated too.
  2. Please try to organise your ceremony between May and August 2019. You could also hold ceremonies from September to 21 July 2020, the day before the anniversary of the launch, if you like. You are welcome to organise more than one.
  3. The ceremony can be short or long, but it should recognise and celebrate something you are doing to contribute towards the London National Park City.
  4. It should be something that is inspired by or supports our aims to get more people enjoying themselves outdoors and to make our city greener, healthier and wilder.
  5. A ceremony could be attended by 1 or 1,000 people. It’s totally up to you.

Please do share your plans and event online and with as many people as you’d like to. Our hashtag is #NationalParkCity.

Register your opening ceremony and we’ll keep you updated.

Add your own Mini Opening Ceremony

10 ways to get involved this summer

1. Enjoy our Free National Park City Talks & Fair on 29 June. Join us for an afternoon of short, inspiring and thought-provoking talks at Conway Hall in Holborn. A month before London becomes the world’s first National Park City, let’s explore new futures for life in the capital by asking “What If….?”. Get your free tickets from www.nationalparkcity.london/talks

2. Take part in the first National Park City Festival.Taking place between 20-28th July, and hosted by the Mayor of London this will be London’s largest free celebration of the outdoors, celebrating everything green and wild about the city. Themes include stage, rooftops, splash, forest and wildlife, all to celebrate London’s new status as the world’s first National Park City. nationalparkcity.london.gov.uk

3. Hold a mini opening ceremony. Rather than just having one big opening ceremony, we’re inviting anyone to hold mini opening ceremony to celebrate the launch anytime from May onwards. makelifebetter.nationalparkcity.london

4. Be a National Park City Maker. Anyone who is helping to make London greener, healthier and wilder can consider themselves a National Park City Maker if they want to. Feel free to add this to your online presence if you want to. www.nationalparkcity.london/makers

5. Want to Make Life Better? Us too. On our website we are sharing quests that include lots of simple things you can do to make life better for yourself, for others and for wildlife. makelifebetter.nationalparkcity.london  

6. Help to get the word out and use the #NationalParkCity hashtag. 
We need your help to spread the word about London becoming a National Park City. Bring it up in conversation, share it on newsletters and talk about it on social media. Share news, stories, events or photos that relate to London great outdoors or making the city greener, healthier and wilder using the #NationalParkCity hashtag!

7. #GiveAPlant. We’ve just launched a campaign to encourage each other to #GiveAPlant or three. You could grow nasturtium from seed and then #GiveAPlant to a friend, everyone on your street or everybody at school. Or you could give ivy to lots of neighbours and try to become an ivy street. Whatever you do, please share your efforts using the hashtags #GiveAPlant and #NationalParkCity.
8. Use the National Park City* identity. We’re really keen to see people and organisations using the London National Park City wordmark and especially the aster* that we use as our symbol. The aster is really easy to draw, stencil and find on your keyboard*. The identity lets you associate your organisation as being within the London National Park City. Find out more at www.nationalparkcity.london/identity

9. Ask your business, organisation or group to join the Network.  If you are a school then check out the brand new London National Park City Schools Network that any school in London may join.

10. Set up a National Park City Group. Would you be interested in setting up an informal National Park City Group? This could be on your street, as part of an established group or within an organisation. Inspired by the National Park City you’d decide things you wanted to do together… and then do them. You might want to explore London in new ways, act to make the city greener or help us with campaigns.  www.nationalparkcity.london/groups


London National Park City Festival 20-28 July 2019

National Park City Talks and Pop-up Picnic Fair - Saturday 29 June 2019

Fountain Concept Wide 2 1 medres credited

We enjoyed an afternoon of short, inspiring and thought-provoking talks at Conway Hall in Holborn from over 20 speakers.

Read all about the speakers and the event here


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