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London can become a National Park City once the majority (328) of wards, the majority of the London Assembly and the Mayor of London have declared their support.

We are pleased to share that we have already hit this campaign target and London will become a National Park City in 2019.

To help make London National Park City even more successful we are now campaigning to recruit the support of all London’s elected ward teams

You can help to make London a successful National Park City by asking a ward's councillors to declare their support. So far we have had a very positive response by sending a friendly and positive email to councillors. A single email can make a big difference to this campaign - so please do send a message.

We have had a very good response from the email below. Please feel free to copy, paste and adapt this. We have highlighted bold sections that you will need to adapt. A personal message is best, so do let the councillors know how you are connected to their ward and why you care about it.

You can find out which wards you live, work and play in using the postcode searcher below. It will also tell you the names and email addresses of the councillors.


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To: [email addresses]
Subject: London National Park City: [use a positive title, perhaps refering to something you rate or enjoy in the ward]

Dear Cllr [name], Cllr [name] and Cllr [name]

I hope that this email finds you all well.

I live in [ward name] and [add something personal and positive. What do you love/enjoy about your ward?].

I am writing to request your support and declaration to help make London the world's first National Park City.

National Parks are special places where people work together to protect natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage. As well as looking after these things, National Parks promote the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities by both residents and visitors. They also create new business opportunities in hospitality, travel and other sectors. Making London a National Park City would be to apply these same principles to all communities and areas in London.

This short video explains the campaign: What if we made London a National Park City?

A declaration to make London a National Park City is a belief in Londoners working together to:

1. Connect more people to nature and the outdoors, improving their health, wellbeing and social cohesion;

2. Create more high quality green and blue space and better places in London, delivering improvements for wildlife, people’s enjoyment and an attractive and sustainable environment for living and working in;

3. Promote the identity of London as the world’s first National Park City, helping residents and visitors to appreciate the potential for a rich cultural life anchored in its outdoor heritage; and;

4. Link people to the national and international family of national parks and other protected areas.

Sir Terry Farrell has described the idea as being “one vision to inspire a million projects”. It is a large-scale and long-term vision that is achievable through lots of small and everyday actions. Many of these things are already happening, but there is the potential for so much more. What makes a National Park City very different from a rural National Park is the number of people who live in the capital. Every Londoner has the potential not only to enjoy London as a National Park City, but actually contribute to making it a success.

A National Park City would be privately and commercially funded. No public sector funding is needed. It will not cost the council anything, but the council will be able to leverage the National Park City to attract new investment. A National Park City status would not mean restrictions for planning permissions. A National Park City would want to conserve London’s ability to grow, develop and remain the dynamic city it is.

London can become a National Park City once a majority of councillor teams (328 of 654) have declared their support. The good news is that 346 teams have already declared their support and so London will become a National Park City in 2019.

The London National Park City will be stronger and even more successful if it is supported by more local politicians. It would be wonderful to be able to add our ward to the growing list of declared wards - and get behind this important campaign. All that is needed is for all of the councillors within the ward to unanimously declare your support. You can see which wards have already declared on this map.

Can we please declare our ward’s support for this great initiative? All you need to do is email with your support.

For more information, these videos, ITV news clipBBC Earth article and  news stories will all give you a quick flavour of the initiative. The full proposal can be read here

Thank you very much for your time.

[When signing, include your postal address, as it helps the councillors.]

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  • There’s a small typo in the letter above: Mayor of London must {to} declare their support.

    I used to find my councillors and then copied and pasted the text above, edited it and inserted some of the links manually.

    Good luck with the campaign!