There’s an incredible amount happening in London, much of it unsung, some of it isolated. Much more can be achieved. 

Part of this proposal is to form a London National Park City Partnership. It will uphold the purposes of the National Park City and work towards realising its true potential. It will not have any formal planning powers, but will seek to influence the everyday decisions that people make. This new organisation will add a new layer of opportunity – not bureaucracy – to the capital. 

A defining quality of the London National Park City will be to stimulate an atmosphere in which millions of people take everyday actions to improve the quality of their lives and enhance the city itself. 

The aims of the the London National Park City are to work with others to better:

  1. Connect more people to nature and the outdoors, improving health, wellbeing and social cohesion;
  2. Create more high quality green and blue space and better places in London, delivering improvements for wildlife, people’s enjoyment and an attractive and sustainable environment for visiting, living and working in;
  3. Promote the identity of London as the world’s first National Park City, helping residents and visitors to appreciate the potential of its nature and outdoor heritage;
  4. Link people to the national and international family of national parks and other protected areas.
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