Living Places

We will soon be launching our first Living Places Awards.

With front gardens in London being lost at an alarming rate, the awards will celebrate everyone who is pushing back the creeping concrete and making the capital that little bit wilder. The awards will inspire Londoners. It will show what can be achieved and what a wilder London can look like. We will collect and share great examples to guide every Londoner on how the smallest action at home, in your street, and at your workplace can make a positive difference. And even that sometimes no action at all can be immense: The idle, even feral, garden can be an awesome place for Wild Londoners!


Designed around our aims to make London a greener and more enjoyable place to live and visit, the award categories will cover the breadth of London. We'll be looking for accidental gardens, idle spaces, green balconies, lush streets and stimulating traffic islands. We’ll be searching for outside meeting rooms, green walls and growing roofs. The full list of categories will be announced later.

Covering around 24% of Greater London, gardens make an amazing contribution to London's diverse landscape. With 3.8 million front, back and side-gardens, millions of Londoners have the power to shape the capital by how they look after their personal landscapes. They are a great opportunity to enhance the health, happiness and quality of life of everyone, and at the same time help provide Wild Homes for London’s wildlife. The Living Places awards Living Gardens category will be a major contribution towards turning the tide and making London a greener, healthier and happier place for everyone.

Statistics from “London: Garden City?” (2011) by GiGL (Greenspace Information for Greater London)

What if we made where we live wilder?