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We are delighted that you are interested in being part of the new London National Park City Network.

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The London National Park City will be made successful through a flexible and shared vision that can be collectively realised by individuals, groups and organisations by working together and alongside each other.

To get ready, we are building a unique cross-sector network of individuals, groups and organisations that want to:

  1. Connect more people to nature and the outdoors, improving their health, wellbeing and social cohesion;
  2. Create high quality greenspace and better places in London, delivering improvements for wildlife, people’s enjoyment and an attractive and sustainable environment for living and working in;
  3. Promote the identity of London as the world’s first National Park City, helping residents and visitors to appreciate the potential for a rich cultural life anchored in its outdoor heritage; and;
  4. Link people who live in London and other cities to the national and international family of nature reserves, national parks and other protected areas.


By becoming a member of the network you will have the opportunity to play a unique role in London's historic journey to become a celebrated National Park City. 

As we grow the network, you will also be:

  • able to access the flexible cross-sector alliance we are building
  • invited to networking events, including forums, conferences and open challenges
  • positioned to influence future National Park City decision making
  • kept informed through our newsletter
  • offered opportunities to collaborate on joint work with other members of the network


The network is being established by the new London National Park City Foundation, a charity that is being created to help make London a successful National Park City. At this stage we are inviting individuals and organisations to join the network and will be launching it formerly in the near future.

Individuals, groups, organisations, agencies and businesses are all welcome. You do not have to be based in London and national and international organisations are encouraged to join. There are no fees or obligations.

To join the network, please complete this form.

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