Imagine London as a National Park City - in 500 words!

It is looking likely that by summer 2019, London will become a National Park City. But what next? What will London be like as a National Park City?

We want to hear from you!

Unleash your imagination, and write up to 500 words on London as a National Park City.

How might life in London change? What would it be like to visit? What changes would you be able to see, hear, touch or smell? What would be the impact of these changes on the animals that live in London, the trees that grow in it, and the rivers that run under and through it? How might it reshape national or international politics? What role will technology play in its success? How might it influence our opportunities, friendships, childhoods, homes and communities?

You could write an essay about the whole National Park City concept or just focus on one part. You could write a micro-story, a piece of flash fiction, a poem or a play. It can be factual and set in the present day, or science fiction and set in the distant future. You could write it from your point of view, or that of an oak, fish or a fox. Let your imagination roam free!

Entries are invited from all ages.

How to enter

  1. Submit your entry using this form before 1 April 2018. (We may publish some submissions before that deadline.)
  2. On the form you will be asked to write a title and a short strapline that describes your entry. You will also be asked to give your consent for us to publish your entry.
  3. Entries by young people aged under 13 must be submitted by a parent, carer or teacher.
  4. Entries should be no more than 500 words (excluding the title).

You may enter any format, including any of the following:

  • Flash fiction
  • Poetry
  • Urban nature writing
  • Essays
  • Guides
  • Plays
  • Or another style of your choice

Got any questions? Tweet us at @LondonNPC.

Find out more about our campaign on our website and find us on Facebook.

Entries and Judging

  • You have until 23:59 31st March 2018 to submit your entry.
  • Entries will only be accepted via the form available here. Detailed terms and conditions are described on that form.
  • The best entries, selected by a panel, will feature on the London National Park City website and social media. Selected entries will also be promoted to other websites, blogs and media outlets.
  • We may publish some submissions before the deadline.

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