The London National Park City Charter is an important document. It sets out our aims, values and ways of working and explains how individuals, groups and organisations can take action together on our shared aims.

The original London National Park City Charter can be seen on pages 28-29 of our 2015 proposal (see our papers for other formats of this document). This proposal was supported by the majority of London’s elected councillors, the London Assembly and the Mayor of London.

The National Park City Foundation is currently reviewing the London National Park City Charter and working with World Urban Parks on an international piece of work to build consensus around a Universal Charter of National Park Cities.

These documents will include a revised National Park City definition, a framework for the processes to assess and establish National Park Cities, consideration of partnership models, details of universal principles, an approach for action planning, a monitoring framework and an innovative approach for engagement at all levels.

Anyone should be able to read the Charter and understand how they can benefit from it and contribute to it.

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