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“In recognition of London’s extraordinary, inspirational and distinctive living landscape; its ability to give, support, home and bring joy to life, and the will of Londoners to unlock its awesome natural potential, we declare that Greater London should become the world’s first National Park City.

World renowned for its cultural heritage and a centre of global commerce, it’s also a place where people and wildlife live together. National Park City status celebrates London’s significant natural heritage, recognises its value in supporting and improving the lives of residents and visitors, and affirms that a healthy environment is essential to the prosperity of any city.

The Greater London National Park City exists in recognition of all that has been done and will be done to conserve, enhance and benefit our natural, cultural and built heritage, and to inspire us all to build a greener, healthier and fairer city.

This Declaration celebrates the extraordinary diversity and interdependence of London’s people, communities, places, wildlife, habitats and ideas. It recognises that all residents and visitors have the potential to positively shape the Greater London National Park City, and that it exists to benefit and be enjoyed by all.

This Declaration calls for a Greater London National Park City Partnership to be established, and challenged to inspire and support individuals, groups and organisations to better enjoy, understand and care for our city; to protect and enhance our natural and cultural heritage, and foster the wellbeing of communities.

In recognition of all this, I give my support for Greater London to be declared a National Park City.”

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  • It would be good for London. I spend much of my spare time volunteering for the Lea Valley Park Authority and The River/Canal Trust. I can see how this proposal would benefit London for future generations.
  • Work as a volunteer for Lee Valley Park which is part of London and already a park
  • I once worked as a Landscape Architect with Ealing Borough Council’s Parks Department (1989-1993) and was proud to so serve, in the ‘queen’ of the boroughs, with its high reputation for quality greenspaces, trees, nature conservation and amenity horticulture. Since returning to Ireland, I’ve maintained a general interest in the U.K’s Blue-Green Infrastructure and especially in London, as my former home. In so doing, I’m keenly aware of the political negligence of urban greenspace in England particularly, the failure to sustain investment and the advocacy and lobbying by wonderfully committed volunteers, NGOs and professionals. We face simimlar challenges here (I’m involved in similar advocacy with The Irish Landscape Institute, of which I’m a a past president).

    So, congrats on this brilliant initiative, best of luck from your neighbouring ‘Green Isle’
  • We must preserve the beautiful spaces we have for future generations
  • For the health of our people and the environment
  • I just declared my support for #London to be the world's first #NationalParkCity!
  • I think London is the best city in the world. People, particularly we residents, don’t realise how much green and pleasant space it has. Hidden gardens, private squares, roof gardens even balconies. A scheme like this will help get the message out there.
  • To protect the green spaces for communities to enjoy now and n the future.
  • London’s green spaces are under unprecedented pressure. By grouping together, we are more likely to preserve and enhance them for the future
  • Green spaces are vital for the physical and mental health of people who live, work and visit. Outside, free space creates community and happiness.
  • Why? Because I have built a little park in my residential communal garden in Angell Town, Brixton SW9 part of Coldharbour Ward in the constituency of Dulwich & West Norwood. Helen Hayes is the Labour MP. My park garden consists of a vineyard planted in 2011 with a potential for about 90 litres of wine each year. Production started in 2013. I have planted a small orchard of varius fruit trees and a potager for vegetables. This is the theme I’d like to see taken up in London parks. The potential for wine production is phenomenal. Come and see the garden. You are welcome anytime. I am harvesting the Black Hamburg grapes in the week commencing 11th September 2017. Look forward to seeing you.
  • I just declared my support for #London to be the world's first #NationalParkCity!
  • I live in a ward which contains two parks and is bordered by another. They are invaluable community assets. I want ensure that they remain as such for future generation to enjoy.
  • I just declared my support for #London to be the world's first #NationalParkCity!
  • A National Park City will create a more pleasant environment that will make people want to walk or cycle.
  • Patrick Ives
  • Naomi Arnold
  • To conserve and enhance London’s green spaces, improve biodiversity and public wellbeing, and foster engagement in and a sense of ownership of natural areas.
  • Environmental reasons and for Children to have a better future
  • As an ex-parks officer in East Staffordshire, I fully appreciate the importance of parks and greenspaces. On my rare visits to London, I have been impressed by the number, quality and variety of their parks. Also anything that raises the profile of greenspaces, now that they are under treat due to ‘austerity’ hopefully will spread out across the country.