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“In recognition of London’s extraordinary, inspirational and distinctive living landscape; its ability to give, support, home and bring joy to life, and the will of Londoners to unlock its awesome natural potential, we declare that Greater London should become the world’s first National Park City.

World renowned for its cultural heritage and a centre of global commerce, it’s also a place where people and wildlife live together. National Park City status celebrates London’s significant natural heritage, recognises its value in supporting and improving the lives of residents and visitors, and affirms that a healthy environment is essential to the prosperity of any city.

The Greater London National Park City exists in recognition of all that has been done and will be done to conserve, enhance and benefit our natural, cultural and built heritage, and to inspire us all to build a greener, healthier and fairer city.

This Declaration celebrates the extraordinary diversity and interdependence of London’s people, communities, places, wildlife, habitats and ideas. It recognises that all residents and visitors have the potential to positively shape the Greater London National Park City, and that it exists to benefit and be enjoyed by all.

This Declaration calls for a Greater London National Park City Partnership to be established, and challenged to inspire and support individuals, groups and organisations to better enjoy, understand and care for our city; to protect and enhance our natural and cultural heritage, and foster the wellbeing of communities.

In recognition of all this, I give my support for Greater London to be declared a National Park City.”

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  • It would show the world that London and Londoners have finally woken up to the need to take greater care of our landscape and environment. If we truly wish to invest in our future, tiken-gesture green infrastructure investment is pointless. When London, one of the world’s most important capital cities, becomes a national park it will redefine urban and community development forever. This is not an option but a necessity.
  • Exposure to green spaces, nature and outdoor exercise is vital for everyone’s welfare and essential if any wildlife is going to be retained in London. However councils, rather than insisting that much need housing etc is built on brownfield sites within the current human footprint, are increasingly ‘giving in’ to profit seeking developers and allowing building in parks, playing fields etc. If London becomes a National Park City there might be a hope that misguided development policies could be curtailed and there might still be something of the outdoors for the next couple of generations to enjoy.
  • David Richardson
  • An emphasis on being outdoors is needed, especially in cities where so many people are isolated and separated from nature. I hope this initiative will improve many people’s health, both physically and mentally.
  • James Urpeth
  • London is one of the greenest cities in the world and deserves to get this status, so that green-blue spaces can be protected and further expanded. We need Nature, we are Nature.
  • Why not?
  • Andrea Mann
  • Because our city needs quality green spaces
  • London
  • I just declared my support for #London to be the world's first #NationalParkCity!
  • The population is mainly living in the cities and how we build our cities reflects how we build our society.
  • Rob Thomas
  • The statutory purposes of National Parks in England & Wales are to:

    1. Conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage

    2. Promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of national parks by the public

    And they also have the duty to seek to foster the economic and social well-being of local communities within the national parks.

    To me, it’s a no-brainer to apply these same principles to London – a city of glorious green spaces, natural diversity and a rich cultural heritage. What better way to safeguard a healthy, vibrant future for the city, its communities, its wildlife and its culture?
  • I signed up because I think this is a great idea. We must do everything to support and protect Nature. Our health depends upon it.
  • We live in a time where the see-saw between the natural world and the human world are unbalanced. With climate change, exponential urbanisation, and the growing threats to global resource security, I feel it is only appropriate, that London, a city at the heart of the ever globalising world, makes their mark on restoring the imbalance we are responsible for creating. Do big, and dream bigger ; Therefore I declare that the world’s first National Park City is a dream we must attempt to make reality.