Support for the London National Park City (and join 2,729 others)

Help to make London a National Park City by declaring your support below. 

2,729 individuals just like you have declared their support over the last 4 years.

346 out of 654 ward teams - a majority - across 32 boroughs and the City of London have declared their support since 2015.

16 out of 25 London Assembly Members have declared their support.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has given his backing. His Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, Shirley Rodrigues, has also given her support.

Nearly 200 organisations have backed the campaign during the last 4 years. Together these organisations have an estimated reach many tens of thousands of people.

This exciting achievement is completely down to the support and hard work of thousands of individuals, hundreds of organisations along with the enthusiasm of local councillors and regional politicians. Thank you to everyone who helped to make our campaign a success!

This all means that we have reached our required target of recruiting the support of the Mayor of London, the majority of the London Assembly and the majority of the capital’s elected ward teams. This is over 1,000 local and regional politicians.

Support is still needed!

The more people who support the London National Park City the more successful it will be. Help to recruit the support of all of London’s elected ward teams and London Assembly members.

Declare your personal support below. Then please help us recruit any of the following:

Ward Teams - Our campaign to recruit the support of London’s elected local councillors continues. Find out which ward teams are yet to declare and then help us by writing them a letter or email; meet with them; or ask for a motion to be put forward at the next ward forum meeting.

London Assembly - A majority of London Assembly Members have backed the London National Park City. We welcome further support in the coming months. Here is a template email you can send to undeclared Assembly Members to ask for their support. You could try tweeting them too.

Organisations -  declare your group’s support   by sending us some details and have your name and logo listed in our directory.

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  • I just declared my support for #London to be the world's first #NationalParkCity!
  • To keep our green sites green and prevent building over them
  • It is logical Captain.
  • So that our city’s varied landscape is recognised as our most valuable infrastructure
  • To have improved air quality in London.
  • I wish to retain our Parks and trees and plants in our streets
  • A simple yet challenging idea to make London better for people and wildlife.
  • I believe that promoting civic responsibility for nature within a capital city will greatly enhance urban living and also make for a better relationship between humankind and the planet.
  • I think doing this could have an enormous beneficial impact that will resonate far beyond London itself – particularly for young people who in many cases in inner-city areas are losing any meaningful connection with the natural world. Designating London as a National Park City would help reframe the ways children, and others, see the spaces around them. This is particularly important as many may never get the chance to visit more conventional National Park, or even open country, or the coast and sea, elsewhere. I think the beauty of this idea is in helping people look again at what’s close at hand, and from there reassess our relationship with everything else beyond.

    By helping urban children engage with the landscape that exists nearby, through helping them to notice things – just small things, like flowers and insects, and perhaps even to learn their names – there is a chance to help them and others to learn to think about and care more for the wider environment on a global as well as local and national scale.

    A re-visioning or re-enchanting of London has potential benefits far beyond the city itself. And if established it would be very easy to be a part of it. The simple act of wondering what the brown bird is in the park, noticing a fox on a railway embankment,

    or learning that bats can be found in places right in the middle of the city, can be the start of a new relationship with the world beyond us.
  • I just declared my support for #London to be the world's first #NationalParkCity!
  • The idea of a National Park City is a forward concept – it encapsulates the land, the people, culture, wildlife, trees, river all as one and equally respected and deserving of nurture or protection.
  • In order to improve green areas and be a source of information.
  • I just declared my support for #London to be the world's first #NationalParkCity!
  • I just declared my support for #London to be the world's first #NationalParkCity!
  • To make London a true example of a sustainable City – to reinforce the idea that consciously managed cities can be the maost sustainable way for large populations to live on the planet.