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“In recognition of London’s extraordinary, inspirational and distinctive living landscape; its ability to give, support, home and bring joy to life, and the will of Londoners to unlock its awesome natural potential, we declare that Greater London should become the world’s first National Park City.

World renowned for its cultural heritage and as a centre of global commerce, it’s also a place where people and wildlife live together. National Park City status celebrates London’s significant natural heritage, recognises its value in supporting and improving the lives of residents and visitors, and affirms that a healthy environment is essential to the prosperity of any city.

The London National Park City exists in recognition of all that has been done and will be done to conserve, enhance and benefit our natural, cultural and built heritage, and to inspire us all to build a greener, healthier and fairer city.

This Declaration celebrates the extraordinary diversity and interdependence of London’s people, communities, places, wildlife, habitats and ideas. It recognises that all residents and visitors have the potential to positively shape the Greater London National Park City, and that it exists to benefit and be enjoyed by all.

This Declaration calls for a London National Park City Partnership to be established, and challenged to inspire and support individuals, groups and organisations to better enjoy, understand and care for our city; to protect and enhance our natural and cultural heritage, and foster the wellbeing of communities.

In recognition of all this, I give my support for London to be declared a National Park City.”

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  • I want urban biodiversity to be celebrated, valued and protected under a tangible, creative and concrete legislation. I want to see a grounded approach to creating a place of interconnected and varied habitats – whereby wildlife can infiltrate and be of personal and long lasting value to communities across the capital. Come on!
  • To maintain, improve & increase green spaces & leisure areas; & to restrict building & therefore an increase in human population, the root cause of all the world’s major problems.
  • London has amazing potential as a city. We need something like this to inspire the people who live here to make positive contributions to their local communities. It will take many many people working together to allow London to be all that it can be… Let’s go!
  • Lived there 30 years – great city with air quality problems needs a new vision
  • It’s a fantastic idea!
  • London is a fantastic city but the constant increase in population is placing our parks, rivers and the air we breath under more and more pressure. We need to make sure that in creating economic growth we don’t at the same time destroy the green parts of the city that keep us all sane.
  • Green cities make everyone happier!
  • I want our children to have much more safe clean green space to play in and explore. I am concerned by the decline of our local parks in Haringey – since the enormous cuts to the local authority budgets. I want to invest in our parks for our health and wellbeing and our future. I want something to be done about the way dogs and their owners dominate our little communal green space at the expense of our children – there is so much dog fouling that the space often becomes unusable for small children. I am also concerned about attacks by dangerous dogs, especially on children, in our parks.
  • For the health of the city, for the health of the people, for the health of the planet.
  • I just declared my support for #London to be the world's first #NationalParkCity!
  • I want to see a vast patchwork of local groups springing up neighbourhood by neighbourhoods to improve London’s open spaces for all to enjoy. I want us to work together to create green corridors through our local communities, like nowhere else on earth.
  • I just declared my support for #London to be the world's first #NationalParkCity!
  • Because it is
  • London should become a National Park City because this could provide the perfect opportunity for the city to become the envy of the world by implementing eco-friendly policies that would rigorously transform the city into a lush, green oasis without compromises. Besides, who can say no to clean air?
  • Because it makes total sense
  • If London celebrates and demonstrates its wildness as it does its culture, academics, commerce and heritage, it will be a terrific example to the rest of the world.