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“In recognition of London’s extraordinary, inspirational and distinctive living landscape; its ability to give, support, home and bring joy to life, and the will of Londoners to unlock its awesome natural potential, we declare that Greater London should become the world’s first National Park City.

World renowned for its cultural heritage and a centre of global commerce, it’s also a place where people and wildlife live together. National Park City status celebrates London’s significant natural heritage, recognises its value in supporting and improving the lives of residents and visitors, and affirms that a healthy environment is essential to the prosperity of any city.

The Greater London National Park City exists in recognition of all that has been done and will be done to conserve, enhance and benefit our natural, cultural and built heritage, and to inspire us all to build a greener, healthier and fairer city.

This Declaration celebrates the extraordinary diversity and interdependence of London’s people, communities, places, wildlife, habitats and ideas. It recognises that all residents and visitors have the potential to positively shape the Greater London National Park City, and that it exists to benefit and be enjoyed by all.

This Declaration calls for a Greater London National Park City Partnership to be established, and challenged to inspire and support individuals, groups and organisations to better enjoy, understand and care for our city; to protect and enhance our natural and cultural heritage, and foster the wellbeing of communities.

In recognition of all this, I give my support for Greater London to be declared a National Park City.”

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  • To reduce pollution, stress and encourage national biodiversity. My suggestions — green as many rooftops as possible. Increase allotments; Islington has abandoned its waiting list! Bring Highbury Fields out to Holloway Road to the length of a full space between two cross streets. Identify and nurture poorly served areas deprived of green spaces that you could walk to during lunch breaks; however small. All cabs and public transport to be electric. Identify computers as a source of overload and raise awareness.
  • In recognition of it’s green spaces. In recognition for the land under our buildings. In recognition of it’s history. In recognition for it’s diversity. In recognition for it’s life in every corner. In recognition of it’s uniqueness. In recognition of it’s rivers, it’s marshes, its parks, its gardens, it’s commons, its street trees, its hidden courtyards, its window boxes and roof gardens. In recognition of the life force that will not be diminished, the Buddleia that grows from the walls of old buildings, the numerous plants that struggle and succeed to pop up through the tarmac. In recognition of it’s many hills and in recognition of the sacredness of the land.
  • To protect and help everyone make the most of our green spaces.
  • I think this will help improve peoples awareness of the vast green spaces around them and give people a better understanding of where the local councils spend there money.
  • I just declared my support for #London to be the world's first #NationalParkCity!
  • I am currently living in Kathmandu where there is hardly any green space at all. It makes me realise how important parks are – even more so in a city than perhaps anywhere else. I am supporting my home town of London to be a champion of national parks!
  • I just declared my support for #London to be the world's first #NationalParkCity!
  • I just declared my support for #London to be the world's first #NationalParkCity!
  • So we stay human
  • We need to protect London’s green spaces.
  • Because it is such a TREE-Mednous place!
  • I just declared my support for #London to be the world's first #NationalParkCity!
  • This idea has the power to inspire people across London to think about the city in a new way, to galvanise action, and to create a place richer in wildlife and human life.
  • I just declared my support for #London to become the world's first #NationalParkCity! You can too..
  • Because it’s already great, but it can be better, and if we don’t do something now it will deteriorate.
  • I don’t want housing developments destroying green spaces and making London even harder for people to live in.