We’re working in partnership with the Mayor of London on the first National Park City Festival. The festival marks London becoming a National Park City and celebrates London’s amazing outdoors.

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The Mayor of London’s National Park City Festival invites you to discover London’s amazing outdoors with hundreds of free events across the city, from outdoor fitness sessions and live performances to bee-keeping and open water events for the family. Join an event from 20 to 28 July, and let’s together make our city greener, healthier and wilder.


Highlights include:

  • Outdoor theatre performances of The Gruffalo.
  • ‘Pedal Powered Party’ with live DJs Supa Dupa Fly and Amy Lamé, Night Czar.
  • Living Symphonies, a unique audio installation in Epping Forest.
  • The National Park City Wildlife photography competition.

The Festival has been organised by Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, with the National Park City Foundation, the charity behind London National Park City.

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Flagship events

National Park City Stage   |  19 - 21 July

In partnership with the National Theatre.

The Festival’s opening weekend has spectacular free cultural events on the NT’s outdoor River Stage, celebrating everything green and wild about the city.

Highlights include:

  • a live theatre performance of family favourite, The Gruffalo
  • a Pedal Powered Party with live DJs Supa Dupa Fly and Night Czar, Amy Lamé
  • a walkabout show of costumes made out of real living plants and grass by artist Ashley Peevor.

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National Park City Rooftops  |  20 - 21 July

In partnership with Open City, organisers of Open House, the world’s largest architecture festival

Free access to some of London’s most dynamic and beautiful rooftop gardens and natural spaces. Confirmed locations include Crossrail Place in Canary Wharf, the Barbican Conservatory and Ham Yard Hotel, Soho.

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National Park City Forest  |  20 - 28 July

In partnership with Waltham Forest, the London Borough of Culture

Living Symphonies is a unique audio installation in Epping Forest.

It’s a musical composition that grows in the same way as a forest ecosystem. It portrays the thriving activity of the forest’s wildlife, plants and atmospheric conditions, creating an ever-changing symphony heard from a network of speakers hidden throughout the forest itself.

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National Park City Wildlife  |  20 - 28 July

A photography competition in partnership with the London Wildlife Trust and Museum of London.

The competition is open to all and invites Londoners to capture what wildlife means to them.

The best images will be part of an exhibition displayed throughout the festival and judges include Bear Grylls, Urban Birder and Presenter, David Lindo and former Wildlife Photographer of the Year winner Sam Hobson. 

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National Park City Splash  |  27 - 28 July

London’s first multi-site outdoor swimming and paddle sports event

On the closing weekend of the Festival, all abilities are welcome to try their hand at activities such as stand up paddle boarding and open water swimming, right here in the capital.

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100s of Other Events

You will find 100s of community activities and events all around the capital. A full programme of events is now live on the new National Park City Festival website at nationalparkcity.london.gov.uk
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The Launch


Read our 15 July press release on the launch of the London National Park City.


The London National Park City is open from 22 July 2019. Be part of it!

London's first National Park City Festival 20 - 28 July, celebrates London's new National Park City status with over 300 free events across the capital.  

The Festival is led by the Mayor of London’s Environment Team in collaboration with the National Park City Foundation and many other partners.

The countdown is over, let's make London National Park City a reality.

Key dates

29 June - National Park City Talks and Pop-up Picnic Fair at Conway Hall
20 - 28 July
- London National Park City Festival
22 July - Launch event and Summit at City Hall
22 July 2019 - 21 July 2020 - Launch year - we invite you to organise your own mini opening ceremony

London National Park City is Opening*

You can badge any event, project, talk, walk, celebration with our new London National Park City is Opening* wordmark or any of our other wordmarks. Download from our IdentityToolkit page and use on posters, online posts, websites, and more.

LNPC green is opening RGB

As a group, business, organisation organising an event, talk, project etc in support of the launch of the National Park City in 2019 you may use this to badge any aspect. On posters, online, etc.

Download London National Park City Is Opening* - all colours and formats


10 ways to get involved this summer

1. Check out our speakers from our 29th June Talks www.nationalparkcity.london/talks

2. Take part in the first National Park City Festival.Taking place between 20-28th July, and hosted by the Mayor of London this will be London’s largest free celebration of the outdoors, celebrating everything green and wild about the city. Themes include stage, rooftops, splash, forest and wildlife, all to celebrate London’s new status as the world’s first National Park City. nationalparkcity.london.gov.uk

3. Hold a mini opening ceremony. Rather than just having one big opening ceremony, we’re inviting anyone to hold mini opening ceremony to celebrate the launch anytime from May until 21 July 2020. makelifebetter.nationalparkcity.london

4. Be a National Park City Maker. Anyone who is helping to make London greener, healthier and wilder can consider themselves a National Park City Maker if they want to. Feel free to add this to your online presence if you want to. www.nationalparkcity.london/makers

5. Want to Make Life Better? Us too! On our website we are sharing quests that include lots of simple things you can do to make life better for yourself, for others and for wildlife. makelifebetter.nationalparkcity.london  

6. Help to get the word out and use the #NationalParkCity hashtag. We need your help to spread the word about London becoming a National Park City. Bring it up in conversation, share it on newsletters and talk about it on social media. Share news, stories, events or photos that relate to London great outdoors or making the city greener, healthier and wilder using the #NationalParkCity hashtag!

7. #GiveAPlant. We’ve just launched a campaign to encourage each other to #GiveAPlant or three. You could grow nasturtium from seed and then #GiveAPlant to a friend, everyone on your street or everybody at school. Or you could give ivy to lots of neighbours and try to become an ivy street. Whatever you do, please share your efforts using the hashtags #GiveAPlant and #NationalParkCity.
8. Use the National Park City* identity. We’re really keen to see people and organisations using the London National Park City wordmark and especially the aster* that we use as our symbol. The aster is really easy to draw, stencil and find on your keyboard*. The identity lets you associate your organisation as being within the London National Park City. Find out more at www.nationalparkcity.london/identity

9. Ask your business, organisation or group to join the Network.  If you are a school then check out the brand new London National Park City Schools Network that any school in London may join.

10. Set up a National Park City Group. Would you be interested in setting up an informal National Park City Group? This could be on your street, as part of an established group or within an organisation. Inspired by the National Park City you’d decide things you wanted to do together… and then do them. You might want to explore London in new ways, act to make the city greener or help us with campaigns.  www.nationalparkcity.london/groups



Read our 15 July press release on the launch of the London National Park City.



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