Do you ever feel that life could be better? We do.

The good news is that while we face challenges, there are lots of things we can do to make life better for ourselves, for others and for wildlife.

That’s why we’ve created 10 Ways to Make Life Better.

Including these 10 Ways in your day-to-day life can make life better for yourself, for other people and for wildlife that we share our city with. Sign-up below to make life better, receive ideas of things to do, and to get a poster.

Organise * Love * Keep Learning * Create * Grow * Play * Give * Take Notice * Be Active * Connect 

Join a Quest to Make Life Better

Help make life and where you live greener, healthier and wilder by joining any of our Quests.  

Join a Quest to Make Life Better


National Park City Maker Groups

By working together we can get so much more done and faster too!

National Park City Makers can join up into informal National Park City Maker Groups.

Have you heard of green teams before? Many schools and businesses have them, with like-minded people coming together to encourage recycling, cutting energy usage and doing what they can to make their community more environmentally friendly.  A National Park City Group could be a bit like that, doing things together to make life better by making places greener, healthier and wilder or getting outdoors to enjoy London more.

It may just be your family wanting to brighten your home with more plants on the windowsill, neighbours wishing to work together to make their street more lush and green, colleagues at work keen to have more outdoor and walking meetings, a set of sports clubs based around a playing field, a group of schools wanting to do more outdoor learning, two local Friends of Parks groups who want to sign post a walking  route between the two parks.

Perhaps you are a member of a residents association, a social group, an allotment society, or local volunteering group. Is there another local group that you could join forces with, to work together on a local project? Is there a neglected corner that you could ask your local allotment society to help you out with? Are there empty holes where trees used to be in your streets which you could get together to ask your council to plant up?

If you are thinking about setting up a Group then fill out the Group items on our Get More Involved Form and we will be in touch. Tick "Yes" on the "Create a National Park City Group" question and then fill in the simple questions. [National Park City Group >]


We are just starting out so come back here later for more. 

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