Love London?

Want to make it and your community greener, healthier and wilder? So do we.

Join us as a London National Park City Ranger, backed by global lifestyle brand Timberland, and together we will make life better in London.

We’re looking for optimists, artists, rewilders, local guides, game-makers, photographers, gardeners, writers, first aiders, teachers, storytellers, natural navigators, fundraisers, mappers, tree planters, rescuers, expert guides, play street organisers, hedgehog hole makers, poets and people with other skills and talents to share with others.

You’ll volunteer in your community and across the city to inspire and support others to make life better in the capital. You might do things to make the city greener, wilder and more beautiful, to tackle the climate crisis or to improve people’s health, perhaps by inspiring people to get outside to exercise and have fun!

You’ll join a network of National Park City Rangers, get access to free training and learn new skills to influence and involve people. We’ll help you network online, in communities and through our London-wide supporter network. We’ll provide you with a Rangers kit supplied by Timberland to wear at public events and meetings. Apart from this training, your commitment would be a minimum of five days each year.

We’re kicking off our partnership with Timberland by supporting two projects that will engage communities and create new pockets of urban nature in Thornton Heath, South London. But we want to deliver hundreds of projects like this across London. Tell us how your skills and passion can inspire change and leave a positive legacy.

What next?

Applications for the first round of London National Park City Rangers have now closed.

We have received an overwhelming response. We are now going into a phase of assessment and selection, and in line with our initial timeline, we notify applicants of selection outcomes by the end of February. If you applied, thank you for your interest and support. If you did not apply please stay in touch via our Newsletter - we hope to be able to grow the programme in the future to accept more Rangers.

18 Jan 2020

It’s time for communities and individuals to shine. We need people who care. People with the skills to lead. People with energy to be volunteer National Park City Rangers!

All we’re asking is that you answer two simple questions, in writing or on video, and send your responses – together with some other basic information to us. The questions we are asking are:

  1. What does London, and the London National Park City mean to you? (max 400 words, or three minutes if by video)
  2. What is your skill or specialism and how will you use it to make London greener, healthier and wilder? (max 400 words, or three minutes if by video).

Who are we?

We are the National Park City Foundation (NPCF), a registered charity (no 1173267).

After years of campaigning London became the world’s first National Park City in July. Launched with the support of thousands of Londoners, including the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, we are now growing a movement of people to make life better in London.

We want to see 25 National Park Cities around the world by 2025. We are a roots-up organisation with a passion for nature and the outdoors. Put simply, people are part of nature and we believe life is better with more nature in our lives. Research and experience backs this up. 

We set a vision of a future we want - a future where the air and water is cleaner, the energy is renewable and people are more active, healthier and spend more time outdoors. Where our neighbourhoods are wilder, litter free and public spaces are safe for children to play in? Want to make that future a reality? Apply to be a National Park City Ranger.

We are an equal opportunity employer and celebrate London’s rich cultures.

Apply Here

Sorry, applications are now closed. 18 Jan 2020.

Listen to our Podcast on the vision for National Park City Rangers

“The climate emergency, the ecological emergency with a million species at risk of extinction, the threats to our health. the fragmentation of our communities. These are all things which are scary for many people.

What is really beautiful about living in a London National Park City is that it is such a positive vision for the future. That everyone in that landscape, that habitat, is included. And can be included within this journey that we are going on.”



Become a Ranger for the London National Park City.

We need honest, passionate and talented people to become our National Park City Rangers.  You will become a public face of the London National Park City. We will support you, offer you development opportunities and teach you new skills to help you influence and support others.

We’ll provide you with kit from Timberland to wear at public events, where you’ll meet politicians, community leaders and other activists like you, eager to make their mark in London. We expect that you’ll get involved in real legacy projects that will make our capital greener, healthier and wilder and that your work will inspire and support others in London, across the UK and further afield.

We’re seeking to recruit fifty volunteers for the first phase, more will follow.

What are we looking for?

If you share our vision and want to make a positive difference in London, you are more than halfway there. We are calling for volunteers.

We are looking for people who are keen to share their skills, knowledge or expertise with others. Everyone has different talents and skills so tell us how you will use yours to make your community’s environment a better place for people and nature.

National Park City Rangers will be our figureheads, creating opportunities, connecting people, championing ideas and driving our movement forward. We will offer safeguarding and advocacy training and support. We are looking for some real do-ers - who might work behind the scenes to make things happen and some people who are comfortable speaking in public and to the media, to promote our work.

Benefits to you

  • You will receive a package of training - All National Park City Rangers will take part in a series of training modules. There will be a common “Introduction to the National Park City” module that all Rangers will complete. Other optional modules will cover: Storytelling, Wayfinding and guiding, Social media as a force for good, Running successful events, Ideas for greening the city, The future we want. Where possible training sessions will be run outside and with a focus on the experience for participants. Our training sessions will be fun so that the format and learning can be re-used and passed on.  Most training sessions will utilise external specialists working alongside people from the National Park City Foundation. This way the Rangers will receive transferable learning but will also understand its relevance for the National Park City movement. 
  • You will become part of a powerful professional network – You will be a part of a 50 strong (and growing) network of National Park City specialists and will be linked through a central co-ordinator, shared training experiences, newsletter updates, social media and event opportunities with Timberland and other partners. Overtime this network will grow in number, geographical coverage and knowledge base. The National Park City Foundation will use our platform and network to promote you and the work you are leading to make London Greener, Healthier and Wilder.
  • You’re going to get some gear – If selected you will be given a National Park City uniform provided by Timberland. The products will be selected based on utility and product sustainability but will also look good and potentially save you some money!

Expectations and remuneration

The Ranger roles are voluntary (unpaid) and we envisage that many who apply will already be doing useful work aligned with our vision. All we ask of our Rangers is to attend a weekend induction course and contribute a minimum of five days of volunteer time per year. Volunteer time will be used in three main ways:

  • To share skills and experiences with others (i.e. other Rangers and the broader community)
  • To inspire and support actions that make Londoner greener, healthier and wilder or get more people enjoying themselves outdoors
  • To help celebrate and champion the National Park City movement (e.g. events, articles, recruitment of new Rangers)

Where possible we will work to cover out of pocket expenses for Rangers. From time to time we might ask you to take part in promotional work for the National Park City Foundation, Timberland or other partners. This could be, for example, on film, through blogging or (as appropriate) through social media.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is extremely important to us.

  • We will accept applications from people aged 14 and over, but if you are between 14 - 18 your application will need to be supported by a parent or guardian. It’s important that you let us know through our online application form if you are under 18.
  • We will work hard to reach as many people as possible and will review and consider all the applications received.
  • We will brief our selection panel in best practice recruitment and will set up a check and challenge to counter any unconscious discrimination or bias.

Selection process and timeline

  1. We are launching our call for applicants on 17th October coinciding with the launch of three new Urban Greening projects in the London Borough of Croydon. There will be a three-month application window, until 17th January 2020.
  2. We are asking applicants to answer two questions. We’ll accept written, video. poster (or other creative) submissions
  3. Applications will be reviewed by an appointed London National Park City Ranger Selection Panel
  4. We will shortlist candidates and run reference / background checks for each of the shortlisted candidates 
  5. Interviews will be undertaken in central London with an interview panel made up of at least four members of the appointed Ranger Selection Committee
  6. Applicants will be notified on the outcome of their applications by the end of February 2020.
  7. Ranger training will run through March and April 2020 with the programme “go live” in late April 2020. All prospective Rangers must attend one of the training weekends.

The selection questions we’ll be asking are:

  1. Tell us what London, and the London National Park City mean to you. (max 400 words, or three minutes if by video)
  2. Describe your skill or specialism and explain why you think this will be important in realising National Park City vision in London. (max 400 words, or three minutes if by video)

You’ll need to upload your responses to these questions – together with some other basic information - through a very simple online application portal that will go live in the next week.

Respecting your privacy

The information you provide will be held and managed by the National Park City Foundation. Applications will be shared with 3rd party members of an appointed London National Park City Ranger Selection Panel, for the purposes of selection only. For more details please read our Privacy Policy.

About the London National Park City

London National Park City, put simply, is a movement to improve life in London.

It will mean residents, visitors and partners working together to: 

  • Enjoy London’s great outdoors more
  • Make the city greener, healthier and wilder
  • Promote London’s identity as a National Park City

We want more bird song, more clean air, more ultimate frisbee, more tree climbing, more sharing, more cycling, more hedgehogs, more volunteering, more hill-rolling, more outdoor play, more kayaking, more otters, greener streets, more outdoor learning, more ball games, more outdoor art and yes, more dancing in the city. Why not?

You can discover more about the London National Park City on the National Park City website

The National Park City Foundation has led the campaign for London to be declared a National Park City and has set the vision, brand and tone for the London National Park City.

About Timberland

Founded in 1973, Timberland is a global outdoor lifestyle brand based in Stratham, New Hampshire, with international headquarters in Switzerland and Hong Kong. Best known for its original yellow boot designed for the harsh elements of New England, Timberland today offers a full range of footwear, apparel and accessories for people who value purposeful style and share the brand’s passion for enjoying – and protecting - nature.

At the heart of the Timberland® brand is the core belief that a greener future is a better future. This comes to life through a decades-long commitment to make products responsibly, protect the outdoors, and strengthen communities around the world. To share in Timberland’s mission to step outside, work together and make it better, visit one of our stores, or follow us @timberland_eu Timberland is a VF Corporation brand.


Please feel free to download these posters and print them out or share them online. We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to become National Park City Rangers. 

You can print these out at A5 or A4.

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