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We want to make London a greener, healthier, fairer and even more beautiful by transforming the capital into the world's first National Park City. Since our campaign began in 2014, our community initiative has grown into a movement. Crowdfunded by 347 people and organisations, you can read the proposal to make London a National Park City here

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National Park City Foundation

The National Park City Foundation is a newly registered charity (Charity no. 1173267) that has been established to help make the London National Park City a success. We are in the process of updating this website to reflect this exciting step forward.

Coordinator: Daniel Raven-Ellison

Community Campaign Coordinator: Steve Pocock

Trustees: Paul de Zylva (Chair), Alison Barnes, Beth Collier, Pat Fitzsimons, Mathew Frith, Steve Head, Alice Roberts, Ben Smith, Julian Tollast, Edward Truch, Tim Webb, Judy Ling Wong.

Advisory Board: Professor Henrietta Moore (UCL Institute for Global Prosperity), Max Farrell (Farrells), Dave Morris (London Green Spaces Friends Groups Network), Alison Barnes (New Forest National Park), Councillor Kevin Davis (Kingston Council), Professor Michael Depledge (University of Exeter), Stuart Brooks (John Muir Trust), Tracy Firmin (Langdon Park School), Paul de Zylva (Friends of the Earth), Edward Truch (University of Lancaster), Alice Roberts (CPRE), Sean Miller (Nonon), Stephen Head (Wildlife Gardening Forum), Geraldine Connerl, Cath Prisk (Outdoor People), Martin Crabbe (London Sustainable Schools Forum), Kate Jones (UCL), Jonathan McLeod (Weber Shandwick), Sarah Temple (London College of Communication), Pat Fitzsimons (Thames Estuary Partnership), Katy Hogarth (Moo Canoes), Heather Ring (Wayward), Steve Cole (National Housing Federation), Andrew Denton (Outdoor Industries Assocation).

Organisations that have provided time, funding, space or expertise that contributed to the proposal:

London College of Communication, Mission:Explore, Can of Worms, Friends of Gillespie Park, Farrells, Symprove, Quintain, School of Geography Queen Mary University of London, The Paxton Crystal Palace Reconstruction Project, UCL – Institute for Global Prosperity, SHM Foundation, AECOM, Lancaster University, National Parks Research, The Office of Charlie Peel, The Outdoor People, Project Dirt, John Muir Trust, Ordnance Survey, Geovation Hub, London Wildlife Trust, RSPB London and Now|Comms.

Crowdfunders who helped to fund the proposal:

Abigail Mckern    Abigail Woodman    Adam Gray    AECOM    Alan Outten    Alan Stanley    Alex Brooks-Johnson    Alexander Macchini    Alexander Moen    Alistair Young    Amanda Brace    Amanda Coppard    Ana Cristina Inacio    Anders    Andrea Polden    Andree Frieze    Andrew Birkby    Andrew Jones    Anne Knill    Andy Knill   Andy Luck    Angela Rouse    Angie Davila    Ania Butler    Anita Gracie    Ann Basu    Anna Fernandes    Anna Kydd    Anna Richards    Anne Keenan    Anthea Masey    Ava Smith    Barbara Griessner    Ben Brace    Ben Connor    Ben Raven    Ben Rogers    Ben Smith    Ben Walker    Bernard White    Beth Scott    Brendan Sterne    Brennan Smith    Carolina Fattori    Caroline Hutchings    Carolyn Heathcote    Cath Prisk    Chaitanya    Charlotte Bownass    Charlotte Regan    Chris Guy    Chris Parker    Chris RomerLee    Christopher Grainger    Christopher Mahon    Claire MoraPescod    Cyrus Massoudi    Daisygreen    Daniel Edelson    Daniel E Farnes    Daniel RavenEllison    Darren    Daubeney Fields Forever    Dave Lukes    Hilary Ellison    David Ellison    Sheila Jones    David Jones    David Creed    David Goodhart    David Hanney    David Rogers    David Williams    Deb Gostling    Deborah Colvin    Deborah Fowler    Diane Wilson    Dlanctin    DME Elizabeth Cook    DME Fanny Jones    Dorota MS    Dr Andreas Liefooghe    Dr Martin Kunz    Dylan Fuller    Edward Drewitt    Eileen Hagger-Street    EImage    Elaine Sloan    Elisabeth Crudgington    Ella Adebowale-Schwarte    Ed Adebowale-Schwarte    Ellen Shearman    Elmstead    Emma Jones    Emma Lloyd    Emma Pettit    Emmanuelle Tandy    Esther Potman    Ewan Laurke    Family Lefevre    Family Steer    Fiona Kindness    Freya Summersgill    Friends of Dog Kennel Hill Wood    Friends of Gillespie Park    Frog Environmental    Gemma Harding    Geoff Covington    George Rayner    Geraldine Curtis    Gerry Kift    Gerry Tissier    Gina Glover    Graeme Eyre    Graeme Hewson    Graeme Maynard    Guy Haslam    Gwenda Owen    Hannah    Hannah Hislop    Hassan Munir    Helen Jackson    Helen Steer    Hilary Ellison    Hugh Barnard    Ian Brenkley    International Garden Photographer of the Year    Ivor G Richards    J and OW Mayo    J L F Shuker    Jackie Reiss    Janet Barnett    Jasia Warren    Jenni Chan    Jessica Davison    Jessica Peace    Jimmy Hall    Jini Reddy    Jo Norcup    Jochem Ermboud Hamoen    Elaine Elkington    John Elkington    Susan Fisher    John Fisher    John Coombs    John Hatto    John Rodgers    John Russell    John Strick Van Linschoten    John Webb    John Wyant    Jonathan Graham    Joris Kemel    Josh Leuner    Judy Ling Wong    Jules Gascoyne    Julia Lockheart    K Brabston    Karin Vermooten    Kate McGoey    Kate Stockdale    Kate Swade    Katie Willis    Ken Banks    Kimberley Pearson    Laurence Arnold    Lillian Henley    Lisa Woynarski    Liz Goold    Liz Stuffins    London Waterkeeper    Lorna Paterson    Lucy Shuker    Lucy Wills    Madi R    Maeve Ryan    Marcella Verdi    Marie Rabouhans    Marina Pacheco    Mark Pearce    Mark Walton    Martin Lugg    Mat Corbett    Matt Brown    Matt Clare    Matt Francis    Matt Gilbert    Matt Guy    Matthew Ryan    Max Farrell    Melanie Collins    Melissa Harrison    Mia DeNardi    Michael Henderson    Mick K    Mickey Boukraa    Mike Priaulx    Molly Rose Butt    Mr Sam Thomas    Mr Steve Pocock    Mrs Ann Smith    Nathan Nelson    Neil Maiden    Neil McCarthy    Nic Vine    Nick Lane    Nick Parker    Nicky Brown    Nicola Frances Rossiter    Oliver and Jennifer Mayo    Operation Centaur    Otto Milligan    Pam Orchard    Paul Hamblin    Paul Lister    Paul Turner    Paul Unett    Pauline    Pennie Hedge    Penny Badowska    Pereen d'Avoine    Pete Nottage    Peter    Peter Cairns    Peter Jenkinson    Peter Jones    Peter Raven    Peter Sellars    Phil Steer    Philip Andrews    Philip Harrison    Pip Thornton    Professor Henrietta Moore    Quintain    R Frayn    Rachel Collier    Rebecca Hill    Rebecca Salter    Rebekah Phillips    Richard Grimshaw    Richard Williams    Rick Blything    Rick Glanvill    Rob Bushby    Rob McBride    Rob Philip    Robert Collier    Robert Ellison    Robert Lingard    Robert McBride    Robster    Elaine Sloan    Roddy Sloan    Roderik Gonggrijp    Rollo Home    Rory Huston    Rose Ades    Rose Heatley    Roy Levien    Ryan Stevenson    Sabine Best    Sam Thomas    Sana Lingorsky    Sandra Vogel    Sarah Carlin    Sasha Morgan    Saskia marsh    Save Lea Marshes    School of Geography, Queen Mary University of London    Sean Miller    Shane    Sharleen Thornley    Sharmin Takin    Simon Strevens    Simon Tompsett    Simon Walton    SIMR    Skotti Hunden    Sophie Manham    St. Athans Hotel    Stephen Middleton    Steph Windsor    Steve Hudson    Susan    Susan Fisher    Susan Palmer    Susan Palmer    Suzanne Miller    Tara Stevens    Terence Michael    The Newton Family    The Paxton Crystal Palace Reconstruction Project    The PinkHat    Thomas Youngman    Tiago Salavessa Ferreira    Tigger Bumble Willis Po    Tim Gill    Tim Hughes    Tim Pettigrew    Tim Webb    Tobias Steed    Toby Osmond    Tom Alexander    Tom Denning    Tom Farrand    Tom Hewitt    Tom MorganJones    Tom Wells    Tony Burton    Tony McDougal    Triks    Valerie Pocock    Vanessa Ross    Vincent Bachofner    Wayne Trevor    Wendy    Wild Donor    Will & Zoe Henley    Will Walker    Willshome    Worldmapper    Urban Nirvana    Zac Goldsmith    Zoe Davies    Zwei

Getting this far is only possible thanks to support from the Friends of the Greater London Natonal Park Initiative over the last 18 months, including:

100% Open     2020 Vision     Avant Gardening     Bankside Open Spaces Trust     Black Environment Network     Camden Butterfly Trust     Can of Worms     Change London     City Farmers     Complete Ecology     Council for Learning Outside the Classroom     CPRE London     Crayford Road Gardeners     Explorers Connect     Farrells     Farsophone Association     Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens     Field Day     Field Studies Council     Food Growing for Schools     Friends of Bedfords Park     Friends of Cannon Hill Common     Friends of the Earth     Frog Environmental     Garden World Images     Geography Collective     GIGL     Girlguiding London & South East England     Glendale     Green Westway     Hammersmith Community Gardens and Project Wild Thing     Hemingway Design     Ian Dee Consulting     Intel Collaborative Research Institute     International Federation of Parks and Recreation Administration     It’s Our World Greysmith Associates     John Muir Trust     Kingston Biodiversity Network     LEEF     London College of Communication     London Permaculture Network     London Play     London Sound Survey     London Sustainable Schools Forum     London Wildlife Trust     Love Parks     Mission Explore     Moo Canoes     Moving Mountains Network     My Outdoors     National Geographic     Neighbourhoods Green     Now Comms     Octavia Hill’s Birthplace House     Open Play     Outdoor People     Play England     Project Dirt     Project Maya     Rabble     Ramblers     Regeneration X     Rewilding Sussex     Richmond Biodiversity Partnership     Rohan     RSPB London     Save Lea Marshes     School of Geography – Queen Mary University of London     Scouts London Region     South West London Environment Network     Start – Business in the Community     Stockwell Partnership     Streatham Common Co-operative     Thames Estuary Partnership     Thames Tideway Tunnel     The Great Outdoors     The Mammal Society     The Telegraph Outdoors Show     The Urban Birder     TiCL     Trees for Cities     UCL Institute for Global Prosperity     UK Hill Walking     Vango     Warblr     We Run     Weber Shandwick     Wild in the City     Wild Wonder     Wildlife Gardening Forum    London Green Spaces Friends Groups Network.